People in big cities prefer to live alone or in small family units instead of large family groups. Do you think this is positive or negative trend?

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People in big cities prefer to live alone or in small family units instead of large family groups. Do you think this is positive or negative trend?
There is mounting evidence that in urban areas, people tend to live on their own or in a nuclear family rather than in an extended one. Some people claim that this trend has negative impacts on our society. Personally, I am for the idea that this lifestyle should be advocated for several reasons.
To commence with, it is indisputable that living alone is comfortable as you can do anything without disturbing others or feeling sense of control. If you are a neat person, definitely, it would be extremely hard for you to live with a messy roommate. Furthermore, no doubt you have to become more autonomous and responsible for what you do and what it results in. This experience is essential for the formation of your character also for your career in the future. For instance, every month, you must remember paying bills on time or doing shopping. Since there is no one remind you, you must learn how to take care of yourself.
Additionally, if you choose to stay in the same house with your nuclear family, it will offer all family members great benefits. First, it is undoubtedly true that the family's daily expenses will reduce substantially if there are fewer people. This will obviously relieve financial pressure on breadwinners. Secondly, parents will have more time to care for the family. Thus, children will be brought up better. These kids are believed to get better cognitive development as well as the ability to communicate with others in comparison with children living in a large family. Also, according to a recent research, there is small percentage of serious conflicts happening in small family units. They appear to sit together and discuss their problems honestly without avoiding them. "It would be totally terrible for us to live face-to-face everyday and no one wants to talk about the troubles. We are building a stable family not one that all members keep escaping from", they shared.
All in all, because of the advantages illustrated above, I firmly hold the notion that living individually or in small families should be encouraged in our modern society.

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