The climograph below shows average monthly temperatures and rainfall in the city of Kolkata.

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The climograph below shows average monthly temperatures and rainfall in the city of Kolkata.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The given climate graph presents data concerning monthly precipitation and temperatures over a calendar year in Kolkata.
Overall, there was a wide variation in the statistics of rainfall with the highest numbers occurring from June to September. Likewise, it is obvious that temperature amplitude was more moderate with May being the hottest month of the year.
In January, approximately 20 mm of rainfall were recorded and this figure rose steadily over the next five months to capture 100 mm in May. Simultaneously, temperatures also experienced an increase, reaching its peak of 30oC in the fifth month of the year.
However, average rainfall varied considerably in the next four months, initially doubling its May level in June and subsequently attained a high of around 340 mm one month later. Then the precipitation amount declined gradually with the largest fall in the last three months, finishing the period at merely 10 mm. Meanwhile, temperatures data hovered around 280C until September prior to following a similar downward trend as rainfall by the end of the course.

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