Eventhough globalization affects the world's economic in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten.

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Eventhough globalization affects the world's economic in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten.
We are in the twenty first century when globalization takes a big part of our daily life. It simply means that the world has become integrated economically, socially and culturally, through the advances of technology and communication. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, globalization is no exception so we should considered both sides.
Undeniably, globalization brings nation together. Internet works wondrously. Presently, anybody can communicate at anytime around the globe by a simple click on the computer or telephone. Furthermore, globalization has contributed to the larger scale of employment rate in developing countries due to business outsourcing. For instance a large number of professionals engaged in information Technology have the luxury of a huge salary in their homeland.
On the other hand, globalization has some low points. Although it gives a greater opportunity for the people in progressing worlds to become economically successful and improve the standard of living, in contrast the unemployment rate escalated in the more developed regions. Like America where companies big and small were forced to close as jobs were sent to other countries leaving many without opportunities. In addition, culture and tradition where foreign food, arts and fashion have a huge impact most especially for the younger generation has been over expose leading to a loss of one's own traditions, beliefs and cultures. Based on my experience, because of the convenient of fast growing fast food around the globe like Mc Donalds I tend not to introduce my own native delicacies to my children.
To conclude, this third rock from the sun has benefited through globalization. It is like both sides of a coin which is having pros and cons. As a people living in this world we should be smart enough to choose the best out of it.

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