Some people think that government should have different amount of holidays according to their profession. To what extent do you agree or disagree with?

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Some people think that government should have different amount of holidays according to their profession. To what extent do you agree or disagree with?
A break from daily routine is essential in maintaining employee's well being. There is a heated debate whether holiday should vary according to job or not, i think government should impose an effective legislation regarding length of holidays where there will be a balance between work load and profession.
Vacation is necessary for refreshing body and mind in all professions. Considering the big picture, there are two kinds of professions: white-collar professions and blue-collar professions. While white-collar professions such as physicians, professors and accountants involve mental work and soft skills, blue-collar professions such as construction laborer, restaurant worker involve physical work and exertion. However, according to the existing practice, when it comes to vacation and compensation the white-collar professionals enjoy longer paid vacation and higher compensation compared to their blue-collar counterparts. For instance, a university professor and a family physician get six weeks of paid vacation despite receiving a six-digit figure salary. On the other hand, a McDonalds employee receives only three weeks of paid leave and as low as $10 an hour wage. This kind of vacation practice may favor one group of professionals and discriminates other groups.
Several steps can be taken to correct the existing policy and covert it into a more rational one where there will be less unjustice and more social harmony. vacation should also vary based on the level of work load (both physical and mental) employees deal with instead of only focusing on the kind of professions they belong to. This kind of practice will eliminate the possibility of discriminations and favors against and for all. For instance, a military person who has to stay fa away from his family in order to serve his country definitely deserve more lengthy time off from work than others.
To sum up, for the purposes of rest and recreation, all employees are entitled to enjoy certain amount of days off from work. I think, government should be committed to ensure a sensible policy in terms of holiday duration not only depending on the profession but also to the work load as well.

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