To what extend is nuclear technology a danger to life on earth? What are the benefits and risks associated with its use?

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To what extend is nuclear technology a danger to life on earth? What are the benefits and risks associated with its use?
There is little room for doubt that nuclear technology has developed to a stage where numerous discoveries and innovation are made in this filed every single year. Nonetheless, it is convinced that nuclear technology might bring gargantuan problems albeit it has a couple of benefits. This essay will elaborate on both positive and negative aspects of usage of nuclear technology.
Overtly, majority of people are aware of risks of nuclear technology. In order to exemplify some of those dangers, one can take its potential to endanger millions of people’s lives. Needless to note, nuclear weapons are far more powerful than any other weapons, usage of nuclear technology, primarily in military purposes, holds much detrimental influences on mortals within itself.
While doing justice to the bonus impacts of nuclear technology, one cannot neglect the fact that it protects mankind from potential risks which might be created in outer space. Nobody can guarantee the earth is not under the risk of invasion of aliens. Further, positive sides of nuclear technology are reflected in constituting peace and welfare amongst nations. Since existence of nuclear weapons in one nation deters others from permeating and taking over.
Taking into account outcomes of using nuclear technology, we cannot also overlook its shortcomings on food chain. Fatal ailments and degradation of productive plantations might ensue in the areas which are victims of this technology.
In the light of these facts, one can conclude that nuclear technology has both positive and negative effects on our planet. Even though it might save human life in the foreseeable future, constitution of fatal ailments and degradation of the planet can be created by the usage of it.

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