Competitiveness is a positive quality for people in most cities. How does competitiveness affect individuals? Is it a positive or negative quality?

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Competitiveness is a positive quality for people in most cities. How does competitiveness affect individuals? Is it a positive or negative quality?
The past few decades has witnessed the global economy growing at a fascinating rate. Yet behind this glorious growing rate, the issue of competitiveness has show its influence in modern society. There are people who believe that we could have more competitiveness since it benefits the economic development. Others, on the other hand, criticize that too much competition has been involved in our daily life. In my opinion, competitiveness is not only a good quality for an individual but also an essential factor that contributes to success.
Competitiveness is the cornerstone of the development of world economy. The rivalry between different companies who are in the same industry, in fact, boosts the long-time development and innovation of that industry. For instance, few years ago, people could hardly image how thin their mobile phones would become, how many work that their mobile phones can do for them and how efficient the phone could become. These breakthroughs in mobile phone technology have largely due to the intense competition between several major mobile phone companies, such as Apple and Samsung. Moreover, the more competition exists in one industry, the more efficient the industry would become. Specifically speaking, once an individual tries to compete with his or her opponent, the potential ability of this individual is likely to be motivated. Therefore, a better performance would be expected from this particular employee. Hence, a more efficient and productive organizational culture would be the generated. In addition, competitiveness is also the trigger that encourages people to learn, to think, to improve themselves. One crucial factor that differentiates humanity from animal is that human beings have the intention to learn know things so that they can broaden their mind and improve themselves. Competition would encourage self-improvement and contribute to the growth of human intelligence.
It is undeniable that too much rivalry could cause serious problems. Those who insist that competitiveness is bad may argue that competitiveness contributes to overwhelming stress on people who end up may take his or her life because of that. It seems true at first sight; however, after a second thought, this claim is irrational. Competition itself can generate stress which, in some circumstances, motivate, encourage and promote individual to do a better job. It is people who may take too much attention on competition so that it in turn causes psychological problem to the individual. It is not uncommon to find those who can very well cope with the intense competitive environment and actually benefit from it.
To sum up, competitiveness in general is good to both our society and economy. Although it may lead to psychology issue in an individual, it could generate more profit on the condition that people can adapt to it.

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