What are the causes of water scarcity? What are your solutions?

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What are the causes of water scarcity? What are your solutions?
For the past few decades, humanity has achieved enormous success in various area. Yet, water scarcity has always been the one essential problem that puzzled the whole world. It is undeniable that there are various reasons that contribute to this problem. In this essay, I will illustrate some fundamental reasons.
To start with, the most obvious reason would be the increasing growth of worldwide population. With the development of science and technology as well as the improvement of overall medical condition, the death rate of babies has a decreasing trend since the middle 1980s. Therefore, the population has increased ever since. Since the water, which can be utilized by human being seems to be at a stable level, thus the increasing population would necessarily reduce the water consumed by everyone. It is not uncommon to see in many place in Africa that people die everyday due to the lack of health drinking water. In other place, such as the middle east, countries claim war to each other in order to obtain more water resources. The second contributor to this issue would be pollution to our water resources. To achieve high economic growth and also gain more money, factories dump wasted materials and polluted water into river, lake and ocean every. Similar example can be found in agriculture industry. Farmer, in order to promote productivity and improve high efficiency, use various type of fertilizer alone with pesticides, which will eventually penetrate through soil and enter into underground water system. Water once has been contained would not be subject to drinking either for human or for animal. The third factor that contribute to water scarcity is by wasting. Although, it has been brought up by scientists, social activists and environment organizations for a very long time, saving water resources still has not get enough attention. It is not unusual to see people waste water everyday. For instance, there would always be someone who forget to close the water tape. Besides, individual may take a very long shower during which he or she may consume more water than he or she actually needs.
It is obvious that water shortage is constituted of various factors. Therefore, to tackle this problem, various solutions have to be introduced. First of all, countries should work together to control the growth rate of world population. This would be especially helpful for Africa nations, for they are struggled with the lack of water. Besides, government and environmental protection organizations should take action to protect water from being polluted. Solutions such as developing environment-friendly fertilizer and utilizing high technology to transfer polluted water into clean water are crucial to protect our water resources. Finally, individual should pay more attention to water issue and increase the awareness of saving water.
To sum up, water shortage is a very complicated problem of modern society. Hence a wide range of solutions should be applied to address this issue. Only in this way, we can achieve a sustainable and harmony human society.

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