Ecological balance is impossible to achieve when technological progress constanly ruins our environment.Do you agree?

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Ecological balance is impossible to achieve when technological progress constanly ruins our environment.Do you agree?
It is the opinion of some that due to technological progress our entire environment has deteriorated. Hence, leading to the belief that ecological equilibrium is unthinkable to obtain.
Moreover, advocates in this view say that according to survey there are 99% threaten species in the reef are at risk from human activities, like overfishing. In addition, severe weather conditions around the globe are more frequent compared with before. Such as strong cyclone, heavy floods and huge landslides as a result of massive deforestation, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Take the case of "Super Typhoon Haiyan" the most powerful storm surge on record that hit Philippines recently. Not only were more than 6,000 people killed, but thousands of homeless families were also affected by this catastrophe.
Furthermore, air pollution is rampant mainly because of the industrial emission from factories. Fumes caused by millions of vehicles on the road. As a consequence thousands of people suffer from respiratory distress. From all the ideas mentioned above, it is the opinion of some that there is no hope in achieving ecological balance.
However, no one can deny that there are many programs around the world to harmonize the ecology, inspite of the rapidly growing technology. First is the latest designs from housing developers worldwide where one can notice that the whole surrounding of housing plan are full of tress, colourful flowers and different plants. next is the worldwide campaign regarding tree planting where even children at school are participating every year.
In addition, every country in the world is trying their best to lessen the air pollution by implementing yearly maintenance check ups for private and public vehicles. Besides, governments are also teaching the people the importance of segregating bio and non biodegradable materials in the prevention of ozone layer depletion, which can be harmful for all living creatures. in fact in every shopping mall there is donation box where people are encouraged to give their gadgets like cellphones, laptops and batteries for proper recycle purposes.
Based on my experience, even our modern appliances in the house are ecologically friendly. Marketing claims that all devices and machines are energy efficient and safe in the environment.
In conclusion, I believe ecological balance is achievable despite of mankind's technological success, if people will have less selfish desired and more concern to the well being of mother's earth.

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