Some people says cars should be banned in large cities. Do you agree or disagree?

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Some people says cars should be banned in large cities. Do you agree or disagree?
From a decade, the use of cars is growing remarkably. Some people argue that cars should no longer be allowed to use especially in big cities. Although, this is totally a one side controversial solution, in this essay I will contend to restrict the use of cars in metropolitan areas due to the fact that this way of commuting raises various environmental, traffic and other problems.
There is no doubt that today society is facing various pollution, traffic hazards and road accident problems. Firstly, according to the statistics, urban areas are suffering from various pollution issues. For example, the emissions of automobiles and factory fogs are becoming a leading cause of this. Consequently, most of the people from these areas are suffering from asthma, itching and other breathing disease. Secondly, more cars mean more traffic. Here, government is allocating much more funds to tackle this problem. For example, traffic police, traffic lights and its maintenance and road works are all funded but h feral government programs. This amount could be spent on other problematic sectors by reducing the use of private cars. Lastly, big cities are facing various road accident issues. For example recently, Australia has witnessed various cyclists hit by automobiles and lost their lives. All such cases are, no doubt, emphasizing towards restrictive utilization of cars in large cities.
However, this is not an easy task to cope with. Private vehicle is often seen as a convenience and time saving way of commuting. Instead to ban on its utilization public traffic need to be increased. Nevertheless, government has to allocate a big chunk of funds to avail public transport in each and every part of the city and even more frequently. Apart from this, ban on cars could make aggressive to general people who find it more easy to use their own transport. Not only this, to make such initiatives more attractive and successful, lower fare and discounts on special occasions or in group schemes would be another burden on government to compel people to use public transport instead of cars.
To recapitulate, this has become a necessity to lower the use of cars in developed city areas owing to the fact that it would lower pollution, traffic and various health related issues. However, it is not so easy to ban cars in such areas so alternative options should be made available to people to attract them to at least lower the use of cars.

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