sports lesson is important in school. Do you agree or disagree?

sports lesson is important in school.
Do you agree or disagree?
Sports are becoming an essential part of life from a state to international play ground. This is being argued that games should occupy a space in every school curriculum. In this essay, I will support this argument due to the fact that sports are important for personal, social and diversity reasons.
Today, every school is following stringent curriculum for overall growth and development of children. There is no doubt that game, as an addition to curriculum, will intensify personal, social and other development features. Firstly, it teaches the little ones about actual meaning of co-operation, team work and competitiveness. For example, captain of sports directs his team to win and similarly each and every player follows the rules, regulations and instant changes in sports. All this helps children in their personal development and to gain confidence. Secondly, sports build social bonds between state and international sites. For instance, in 2013, Australia had organized sports between Australian and Indonesian ball players at school level. This not only increases competitiveness among children but also intensifies social bonds among the countries. Lastly, apart from all other important characteristics, sports also indulge children to physical exercise regimes that keep them fit and healthy.
However, sometimes teenagers get so addicted that they do not play same attention to other school curriculum activities. For example, Rivet Tandara, an Indian football player, is known as a player having strong command over his game. During school, he was not as good in other school courses as he was in sports. Today, the demand is that children should be a complete package for the upcoming diverse market. Hence, sports should be taken as an extra activity in addition to other important terms.
To recapitulate, sport is necessary activity played in school. Student learns various recreational team work, confidence and competitiveness in addition to other curriculum regimes. Apart from its few negatives, it always is an important recreational activity that brings heterogeneity in monotonic school schedule.

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