Some people believe children spending time on TV, video and PC games are good, but others believe that is bad. Talk about these two views and give your own opinion.

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Some people believe children spending time on TV, video and PC games are good, but others believe that is bad. Talk about these two views and give your own opinion.
Entering into the age of information technology, individuals discover that their lives are predominated by electronic devices. Therefore, nothing has been so much debated as the impact of such devices on children. Some are of the opinion that spending time on TV, video and PC games is good for children, whereas other are opposed to this. Personally, I agree with the former.
Admittedly, these technological innovations impose negative influence on the younger generation to some extent. To be specific, they may cause physical damages. For instance, suggested by medical professionals that a long time exposure in front of the TV screens will possibly hurt the eyes of children, leading to problems which may affect their choice of future careers. Moreover, so attracted by the colorful and moving images, such as cartoons and games that kids will be encountered with difficulties to concentrate in their studies, work and even lives.
Nevertheless, reaching the conclusion that such technologies do harm to the youngsters does not necessarily mean that they have no positive impacts. In fact, children can benefit from the technologies listed above. It is not uncommon to witness the phenomenon that kids before going into preschools learn how to speak, sing and act because of their imitation from TV, video and PC games. Without these devices, it would be hard for parents to teach their children at such early ages. Thus, it is the development of science and technology that support families in terms of rising the next generation.
In addition, not only can TVs and other electronic equipment support exploiting kids’ potentialities at an early age, but also disseminate information and knowledge when they grow up. That is to say, these equipment are both informative as well as educational. For example, through watching the domestic and international news on TV, youths can acquire basic understanding of current affair which broadens their horizon and shapes their world views. Furthermore, some PC games involve solving mathematical questions that encourage and promote the interests of learning. Hence, if there were no such modern technologies, younger students would not be so sophisticated and knowledgeable as they were today.
In conclusion, equipment, such as TVs, videos and PC games are double-edged, fostering learning interest while threatening physical and mental well-being. However, as far as I am concerned, under direct supervision of their parents, children can benefit from such devices.

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